Spring 2022 Principles for Safe Return (12/29/21):

Download (PDF, 173KB)


Telecommuting policy update, especially relevant for members with childcare related telecommuting needs (9/7/21):

Download (DOCX, 15KB)


Poly Chapter statement on Fall 2021 (adapted, with permission and with thanks, from a statement developed by the New Paltz chapter; posted 8/20/21):

Download (DOCX, 22KB)


Fall 2021 Surveillance Testing Memorandum of Understanding (7/28/21):

Download (PDF, 1.71MB)


UUP Reopening Principles for Fall 2021 and SUNY Memo to campus presidents for Summer and Fall 2021 (6/11/21):

Download (PDF, 126KB)

Download (PDF, 315KB)


Updated statement by UUP President Fred Kowal on vaccination (1/11/21):

Download (PDF, 78KB)


UUP President Fred Kowal statement on member vaccinations (1/11/21):

Download (PDF, 62KB)


UUP Guidelines for Spring 2021 Return (11/25/20):

Download (PDF, 324KB)


Testing MOU between UUP and SUNY for Spring 2021 (11/20/20):

Download (PDF, 413KB)


Important information for contingent faculty and staff (11/17/20):

Download (PDF, 353KB)


UUP President Fred Kowal statement on SUNY’s Spring Reopening Guidelines (11/12/20):

Download (PDF, 78KB)


SUNY Poly Specific News 

Call to Action: Please encourage your friends and neighbors to respond to this call to action for mandatory testing at Poly’s Utica campus (8/13/20):

Download (PDF, 147KB)


Preliminary results of the reopening survey, consisting of aggregate responses across both campuses (pp. 1-16), then the written answers in response to question 10 (pp. 17-22), and then separately the responses of members at the Albany campus (7/24/20):

Download (PDF, 722KB)


Comparison and Analysis of NYS Reopening Guidelines and UUP Reopening Guidelines and of Poly Reopening Plan (Note: Columns B-E developed by UUP; column F developed by Maarten Heyboer) (7/13/20):

Download (PDF, 152KB)


I encourage you to endorse the Pledge of Labor Solidarity below. If you agree, please send an email to Maureen at helmerm@sunypoly.edu with the language “I have read and endorse UUP’s Pledge of Labor Solidarity for SUNY Campus Workers.” (5/28/20)

Download (PDF, 192KB)



Resolution in Support of Contingent Employees (sent to Interim-President Wang on 6/11/20):

Download (PDF, 149KB)


Information about the Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Program – please contact Maarten at mheyboer@uupmail.org before deciding whether to participate in this program (6/12/20):

Download (PDF, 166KB)



Update 5/20/20:

Download (PDF, 153KB)



Information for Contingent (Adjunct) Faculty about Unemployment Insurance (5/20/20):

Download (PDF, 146KB)



Statement of interest to faculty on UUP’s position on jobs and income (5/19/20):

Download (PDF, 92KB)



Virtual Town Hall with Congressional Representatives and Request to Contact U.S. Senators (5/18/20):

Download (PDF, 290KB)



Response to management’s Employee Engagement/Checking-In initiative (4/15/20:

Download (PDF, 125KB)



Faculty Buddy statement, relevant for faculty considering asking a colleague to be a buddy and take over a course in Blackboard in case of illness, and for faculty considering being a buddy (4/2/20):

Download (PDF, 96KB)



Statement regarding volunteering to grant visitors access to Blackboard courses (3/30/20)

Download (PDF, 53KB)



UUP Statewide News


UUP Principles for Reopening Campuses to Assure a Safe Working Environment (6/1/20):

Download (PDF, 277KB)


Cover Letter for UUP Principles for Reopening sent to the SUNY Chancellor and Chair of Board of Trustees (6/1/20):

Download (PDF, 179KB)


UUP President Fred Kowal letter to members explaining tenure/permanency clock extension MOU and status of Spring 2020 teaching evaluations (5/9/20):

Download (PDF, 82KB)


Update Chapter Presidents’ Conference Call with Union Leadership (5/6/20) with relevant information related to IDA, Virtual Town Halls, Activism, and Adjuncts

Download (PDF, 113KB)


UUP Q&A regarding Job Security Rights, Retrenchment, and Nonrenewal (4/28/20):

Download (PDF, 267KB)


Update Chapter Presidents’ Conference Call with Union Leadership (3/24/20)

Download (PDF, 176KB)


Update Chapter Presidents’ Conference Call with Union Leadership (3/19/20)

Download (PDF, 424KB)


Q&A Update UUP initiatives with respect to SUNY, GOER (3/17/20):

Download (PDF, 358KB)


Information about a telecommuting pilot program (3/14/20)

Download (PDF, 1.58MB)


Guidance on Employee Quarantine (3/13/20):

Download (PDF, 679KB)

Information on protecting Intellectual Property when moving courses online (3/13/20):

Download (PDF, 753KB)

UUP statement on online course materials (3/13/20):

Download (PDF, 213KB)