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Labor Day Parade in Syracuse, 9/5/2022, 10 am – see flyer. Contact Maarten at his union email address for Free tickets: Parade tickets include FREE Parking and FREE ENTRY to the NEW YORK STATE FAIR. Tickets are available for family of UUP members as well.






You can also register directly on the union’s form at (posted 8/10/22)


Moral March on Washington (5/17/22):

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Statement on Poly’s Course Resiliency Initiative (4/28/22):

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Union’s fiscal year 2022-23 NYS budget analysis (4/20/22):

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Contract Update (3/4/22):

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Analysis of Governor’s proposed budget for FY 2022-23 (1/28/22):

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Advocacy opportunities for SUNY Budget (1/21/22):

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Carryover: Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) and Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) (1/21/22):

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Discretionary Salary Increase (DSI)/Compression Salary Increase (1/9/22):

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Motion Passed during the Fall Delegate Assembly Regarding Dependent Care at SUNY Campuses (11/24/21):

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Two Ways to Get Involved in the Contract Negotiations (11/24/21):

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Fossil Free Education/Fossil Free Future Rally August 6 (7/20/21):

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Union member advocacy on behalf of the American Families Plan (7/15/21):

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Telecommuting Update (6/25/21):

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UUP Co-Sponsored Virtual Town Hall with Senate Majority Leader Schumer: Virtual Town Hall w/ Majority Leader Chuck Schumer · New York Working Families Party (

  • Wednesday, June 16th Senator Chuck Schumer Town Hall – 7:30 – 8:30 PM


Higher Education Roundtable, etc (5/19/21):

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Member activism: U.S. Congress Representative Antonia Delgado Town Hall information, May 18 (5/13/21):

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Budget FY 21-22: Kowal message, Analysis, Summary (4/28/21):

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Download (DOCX, 35KB)

Download (DOCX, 99KB)


Kowal statement on unions: Support the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (4/26/21):

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UUP Roundtables on Sustainability, Healthcare, and Higher Education – registration required – see the link in the document (4/5/21):

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Picture of some of the donations received for the Poly Pantry (3/31/21):










Kowal call for social media campaign in support of the union’s budget priorities (3/23/21):

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Discretionary Salary Increase/Salary Compression Roster ’21 (3/18/21):

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Kowal statement on American Rescue Plan (3/16/21):

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Workload Creep information for academics and professionals and toolkit for academics (2/24/21):

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Download (PDF, 28KB)

Download (XLSX, 11KB)

Download (PDF, 271KB)


Higher Education Advocacy Week – Kowal Call to Action (2/17/21):

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Salary Compression Intake Form (2/11/21):

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VOTE-COPE campaign Building Back Better (2/11/21):

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Download (PDF, 168KB)

Download (PDF, 980KB)


UUP’s analysis of the Governor’s Proposed FY 2021-22 budget, and including SUNY’s analysis of that budget proposal (2/7/21):

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UUP President’s request for help with UUP’s Higher Education Lobby Days (1/29/21):

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UUP President Fred Kowal Call to Action and Kowal Response to State of the University Address (1/27/21):

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Download (PDF, 72KB)

Download (PDF, 172KB)


UUP’s Federal and State Legislative Agendas (1/22/21):

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Download (PDF, 2.85MB)


UUP President Fred Kowal’s statement on the governor’s proposed 2021-2022 Executive Budget (1/19/21):

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UUP President Kowal message regarding 2% salary increase delay (1/5/21):

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UUP President Kowal statements on DSI/Salary Compression, Telecommuting Agreement, Federal Aid Package, and new Secretary of Education (12/23/20):

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2020 Salary Compression Summary (12/11/20):

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Legislative Agenda Virtual Town Halls (12/11/20):

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An opportunity to become active dealing with the climate crisis (11/18/20):

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UUP Virtual Rally to Reinstate the Stock Transfer Tax, Nov 10 at noon (11/05/2020):







Poly chapter statement in support of Remington employees (10/27/2020):

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President Kowal statement on the Shaker Institute Declaration on Democracy (10/26/20):

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Message from Jose Miguel Longo calling for election phone bank volunteers (10/23/2020):

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Workplace Satisfaction Survey. The Poly chapter of UUP conducted a workplace satisfaction survey among its members during the Spring, ’20 semester. The survey is intended to identify workplace satisfaction issues and concerns with the functioning of Poly. Since a search for a new president was ongoing at that time, our original intention was to share the results with the incoming president and then post them to the chapter’s website. We thought at the time it would be more productive to share the results with the incoming president who would then have a baseline sense of these issues and concerns at Poly. We also thought at that time that our then current administration would not have enough time left to begin to address these concerns. But at this time, we assume that the search for our new president has failed. Whether our still current administration still has enough time left to begin to address these issues and concerns is unclear. However, we have decided to share the survey results with the membership at this point because, after all, you the members paid for the survey and we therefore think you are entitled to know the results. We will also place this issue of the survey results on the agenda for the next Labor-Management meeting, which is scheduled for Friday, October 23, 2020. Thank you to Dr. Linda Weber for preparing this report on the results of the surveys. (10/16/20)

Download (PDF, 186KB)



UUP 2020 Election Webpage – announcement from UUP President Fred Kowal (10/09/20):

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Important message regarding pay raise delay from UUP President Fred Kowal (9/28/20):

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UUP President Fred Kowal message to members about actions related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (9/4/20):

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COVID-19 and Workers’ Comp message (8/5/20):

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Safe SUNY Reopening Campaign Actions (7/29/20):

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As part of an escalating campaign to pressure SUNY and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, UUP sent out the following letter on testing and telecommuting:

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Direct Action Survey (7/7/20):

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SUNY Black Faculty and Staff Call to Action (6/28/20):

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Federal Legislation in Support of Higher Education (7/1/20);

Download (PDF, 241KB)


UUP Petition Calling on SUNY to Call a Virtual Public Hearing (6/28/20):

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UUP Call to Action in Washington and Albany (6/30/20):

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Workers First Caravan for Racial and Economic Justice, June 17, 2020 (posted 6/10/20):

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Active Shooter Training Information (4/5/20):

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Labor-Management Notes Dec 18 2019

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Discretionary Salary Increases 2019-2020

Download (XLSX, 32KB)

Labor-Management Notes Oct 2019

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Spring Newsletter 2019

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Final Labor Management Notes for May 21 2019

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