Professional Development

UUP/IDA Awards 2022-2023

New York State/United University Professions Joint Labor-Management Committee Individual Development Awards (IDA)

IDA awards are one way in which full or part-time employees can support their professional development/activities. Any member of the bargaining unit (faculty and professional employees) can apply.

We have not yet received our allocation for 2022-2023, but we know, contractually, that these awards will be available.

Because the UUP contract expired on 01 July, the program has been given a nine- month extension. Thus, our allocation will cover the period 01 July to 31 March. We expect to receive the precise number early in the fall.

We have divided the year into two cycles. Cycle #1 includes activities between 01 July and 14 November. Applications for funding of activities during that period are due by 01 November.

Cycle #2 includes activities between 15 November and 31 March. Applications for funding of activities during that period are due by 18 March.

After our committee reviews applications, we forward our recommendations to the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) for final approval. Once applications are approved by GOER, applicants will receive email notification.

As per the guidelines provided by the UUP IDA Joint Labor-Management Committee website, proposed projects/activities, which support professional development, can include:

  • Basic, applied, or historical research
  • Curriculum or instructional material development
  • Workshop, seminar internship or course work not covered by the Tuition Assistance program or SUNY tuition waiver
  • Conference participation or attendance
  • Preparation of material for publication
  • Grant Proposal development
  • Artistic or creative endeavors
  • Other work-related professional/scholarly development projects or activities

Members of the chapter can apply for up to $1000/academic year for one project.

The exact dollar amount awarded will be determined based on the number of applications received. Please make sure that your application includes a detailed budget to be considered.

Please also note that IDA funds can be used to supplement funding already received through the SUNY Empire Faculty Development Fund or Professional Development Fund.

All applications will be reviewed soon after the application deadline date by the committee that has been appointed by both labor and management: John Beckem (co-chair), Alan Mandell (co-chair), Carl Burkart, Sherri Newell, Veronica O’Geen, and Brian Carolan. Stacey Turner supports the committee’s work.

All applications must be signed by the applicant and should be emailed to Stacey Turner ( (Note: The application does not require a dean/associate dean’s signature.)