Workers’ Compensations Benefits

Members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 who believe their infection was due to work related exposure should be encouraged to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.  At this time, potential long term effects of COVID 19 are unknown.  Given this, it important that our members protect their rights to medical care and wage replacement through New York’s Workers’ Compensation system.  Documenting on-the-job exposure to COVID 19 now can prove critical to protecting their rights to receive Workers Compensation benefits in the future.  

Members who are exposed to COVID-19 at work should be encouraged to: document the exposure; report the exposure by following their campus process for filing an accident or incident report; report the exposure to the state Accident Reporting System; and, if they become ill, file a Workers’ Compensation claim. To assist members in this effort, we have prepared an information flyer on Workers’ Compensation and COVID 19 and a COVID-19 Exposure Tracking Form which members can use to create a written record of their exposure.  Both the flyer and the tracking form are posted on the COVID 19 Resources page on the UUP website at

They are also available at the following locations:

Workers’ Compensation flier:

Workers’ Compensation Tracking Form: