Grassroots Mobilization

Dear Colleague:

As I write there is a lot of uncertainty and many concerns amongst our colleagues and within our communities. The status of SUNY directly addressing our concerns surrounding our health and safety, SUNY’s financial stability, and our work environment remain largely unanswered. While we collectively continue to pursue answers and demand that SUNY hold a virtual public hearing to hear directly from all of us, we must also be prepared to amplify our voices through our next action. SUNY employees across the state are making plans to be heard.

To that end, I am asking you to commit to participating in a demonstration to demand our voices be heard. Protecting our health, safety, and jobs – protects the members of our communities and our local economy. We cannot just wait, we must commit to joining in a grassroots demonstration and help determine what kind of action will have the biggest impact for change.

Register and share your ideas by clicking here.

I will provide updates as I hear from our colleagues and community allies. I am excited to build this next step to fight back and join our voices together.

Please remember:

  1. Many of our colleagues and students work, live and shop in this community;
  2. Many of the businesses in this community employ our students;
  3. Many of the parents of our students live in a SUNY community; and
  4. Many of the business owners in this community were once SUNY students.

So, please share this registration link and invitation widely because our SUNY roots run deep and SUNY funding and health crises will be felt by our entire community.  Let’s make sure New York State knows that our community demands respect.