UUP Provides Contract Negotiations Update

United University Professions (UUP) is the only organization designated to negotiate with New York State on behalf of SUNY’s academic and professional employees. Negotiations began on July 15, 2016 for a successor agreement to the five-year contract that expired July 1, 2016.

UUP has just released an update on the negotiations. The update is locked within the UUP members portal, and is only able to be accessed by members of the bargaining unit.

To access the update:

  1. Log into the SUNY Self-Service Application
  2. Click “View Paycheck”
  3. Copy down the last five digits of your NYS ID (in the top section, “Employee Information”)
  4. Copy the number listed in the “Employment Roles” section under the “Agency” column. That is your Department ID.
  5. Log into the “Members Only” section of the UUP site using the two sets of numbers.

The UUP Negotiations Team is fighting for a contract which, to the extent possible, addresses the varied needs and concerns of the UUP membership. They are committed to remaining at the table until they are confident that they have done so.

Contract questions can be sent to UUP at contract@uupmail.org.