Distribution of Campaign Literature in Affiliate, Chapter and Retiree Elections

To provide equal and uniform access to all candidates for the distribution of campaign literature UUP will include the following policies and procedures in the conduct of its elections. These policies and procedures provide equal and uniform access to all candidates for the distribution of campaign literature. Equally important, they insure members’ privacy and meet reasonable organizational needs to fulfill UUP’s obligation to conduct fair and honest elections.

Duly declared candidates may request mailing labels for distribution of campaign literature. Candidates shall sign a statement governing the use of mailing labels and limiting their use to UUP elections. Such signed statements shall be submitted to the Office of the Secretary of UUP, which shall check eligibility and the parameters of the mailing labels. All declared candidates may obtain mailing labels by contacting the UUP Secretary’s Office in writing (or by email). Such requests must specify the category (ies) of eligible members for whom they wish labels. Candidates will cover the cost of labels and mailing.

Categories of Eligible Members

All duly declared candidates shall have equal access to appropriate membership information, to mailing privileges and to publications of UUP in accordance with procedures issued by the UUP Elections and Credentials Committee.


  • All Chapter Members (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Chapter Members Only (Academic and Professional)
  • Retired Chapter Members Only (Academic and Professional)
  • All Academic Chapter Members (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Academic Chapter Members Only
  • Retired Academic Chapter Members Only
  • All Professional Chapter Members (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Professional Chapter Members Only
  • Retired Professional Chapter Members Only

Retirees: Retired Delegate to the Delegate Assembly

  • All Retirees
  • Academics Only
  • Professionals Only

Each Region: All Options Below are Available in Each Region

  • All Members
  • Academics Only
  • Professionals Only
  • Capital District – Region A: (Albany, Cobleskill, New Paltz, System Administration)
  • Long Island – Region B: (Farmingdale, Old Westbury, Stony Brook, Stony Brook HSC)
  • North Country – Region C: (Canton, Plattsburgh, Potsdam)
  • Western New York – Region D: (Alfred, Brockport, Buffalo Center, Buffalo HSC, Buffalo State, Fredonia, Geneseo)
  • Central New York – Region E: (ESF, Morrisville, Oswego, Upstate Medical, Utica/Rome)
  • Metropolitan – Region F: (Downstate Medical, Maritime, Optometry, Purchase)
  • Southern Tier – Region G: (Binghamton, Cortland, Delhi, Oneonta)
  • Empire State Chapter Retirees will be included in the Region in which such member’s primary work site prior to retirement was located.

Executive Board

  • All Elected Delegates (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Elected Delegates Only (Academic and Professional)
  • Retired Elected Delegates Only (Academic and Professional)
  • All Academic Elected Delegates (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Academic Elected Delegates Only
  • Retired Academic Elected Delegates Only
  • All Professional Elected Delegates (Regular and Retired)
  • Regular Professional Elected Delegates Only
  • Retired Professional Elected Delegates Only

Affiliate Convention Delegates

  • All Regular Members
  • Regular Academic Members Only
  • Regular Professional Members Only

UUP will not be involved in any other distribution of campaign literature for candidates, except for official publications that provide for candidate statements on an equal and uniform basis. UUP and NYSUT provide a variety of lists and labels of members’ home addresses necessary for UUP to conduct its programs and business. Candidates may not access or use these in the distribution of campaign literature, except for the printed list available in the Chapter office provided by Elections and Credentials committee and/or the Leadership Directory.

In election years, UUP will publish these policies and procedures in the Voice prior to the beginning of the election cycle. A copy will be in each Chapter Office and upon request to the UUP Secretary.
The UUP Secretary and the Elections and Credentials Committee will be responsible for implementing these policies and procedures. Questions should be directed the UUP Secretary.

Policy Approved 11/13/08, Revised 02/03/11

Policy for Election Fairness

For two months prior to any UUP meeting (other than the Delegate Assembly and Candidates Forums referred to below), where candidates for any UUP chapter or UUP statewide office are invited and campaign prior to, during, and/or after the meeting, the following policy shall be in effect:

1. All candidates must be treated fairly and equally.
2. All candidates must be invited to participate in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance and be informed of the format that will be followed.
3. All who wish to participate must respond no later than ten (10) days prior to the meeting so a proper agenda can be created and distributed in advance. Candidates who do not respond but then appear at the meeting shall be given a reasonable opportunity to participate within the parameters of the published agenda.
4. At such meetings, no expenses incurred by candidates or other attendees are eligible for reimbursement by UUP.

Candidates Forums

For special meetings that are solely Candidates Forums, the same policy is in effect, except that for attendees expenses may be reimbursed in accordance with UUP financial and election policies and procedures. Other than when at a Delegate Assembly, candidates are not eligible for reimbursement by UUP. The Executive Board shall investigate alleged violations and take appropriate action.

Policy Approved 01/25/15

Election Guidelines from the Governor’s Office

Please see the October 4, 2007 memo on union elections from the Governor’s Office on Employee Relations.