Symposium on Janus v. AFSCME

This symposium discusses the upcoming Supreme Court decision which may well end “agency fee payers.” How shall unions respond? Read the symposium for some ideas.

American Sociological Association Labor and Labor Movements Newsletter

“This issue of our newsletter, produced by our new editor Joseph Reynolds van der Naald, embodies this energy and engagement. Joseph has chosen to focus our attention on one of the most important unfolding developments facing US workers and the US labor movement today; the expected upcoming Supreme Court decision on Janus v. AFSCME . He has pulled in five labor experts and activists to help us understand what this decision will mean for us as labor scholars, activists and (for many of us) as public sector workers. The hope is that their engagement will arm us with tools, ideas and insights that we can use to have an impact beyond our section.”

Download PDF of Janus v AFSCME from the ASA Labor and Labor Movements Newsletter


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