Contingent Employees Urged to Complete Information-Gathering Survey

UUP-represented employees appointed to an academic or professional position that is not eligible for continuing or permanent appointment are considered “contingent” for the purposes of the contract.

The UUP representatives for contingent employees at Geneseo, Liz McManus and Brad Taber-Thomas, have created a short survey in an effort to better understand the experiences and work conditions of contingents across the campus. Contingent employees are encouraged to complete the survey.

Survey respondents may choose to keep their responses anonymous. The goals of the survey are to (1) bring issues of immediate concern to the union’s attention, and (2) provide insights to bring to future statewide UUP meetings.

Employees who would like to discuss any of the topics in this survey, other contingent employee concerns, or get involved in contingent employee issues at Geneseo should contact Liz McManus at or Brad Taber-Thomas at