The term of office for each elected position is from June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2021.


Weston Kennison: Chapter President
Joseph Dolce: Vice President for Professionals, Grievance Officer for Professionals
Anthony Macula: Vice President for Academics, Grievance Officer for Academics
Elizabeth MacManus: Vice President for Contingent Concerns
Cynthia Klima: Secretary
Gabriel Iturbides: Chapter Treasurer
Kristy Barkan, Membership Development
Thomas Matthews, Professional Delegate
Alexandra Carlo, Civil & Human Rights/Affirmative Action Coordinator

Labor Management Committee

Wes Kennison
Joe Dolce
Tony Macula
Gabe Iturbides
Elizabeth McManus
Alexandra Carlo

Academic Delegates

(6 Delegates + Officer for Contingents)

Wes Kennison
Tony Macula
Elizabeth McManus
Jasmine Tang
Chi Ming Tang
Susan Bandoni
Kurt Cylke
Alan Witt (First Alternate)

Professional Delegates

(5 Delegates)

Joe Dolce
Tom Matthews
Kristy Barkan
Sam Cardamone
Gabe Iturbides (First Alternate)

Committee Members

Alan Witt, Outreach Committee
Paul Griffen, Scholarship Committee
Jasmine Tang, Scholarship Committee
Nancy Ives, Scholarship Committee
Sharon Peck, Task Force on Teacher Education
Tara Pepis, Task Force on Teacher Education
Mary Jensen, Task Force on Teacher Education
Chi-Ming Tang, Disability Rights and Concerns Committee
Elizabeth McManus, Kristy Barkan, and Sam Cardamone, Future of Public Higher Education Committee
Kristy Barkan, Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee
Elizabeth McManus, Contingent Employment Committee

Contact Information

UUP Geneseo
Sturges 35
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454