2015-2019 Chapter Election Results

United University Professions
2015 Chapter Elections Results
40810 – Brooklyn HSC Chapter

Results of the 2015 Chapter elections are listed below. Elections are held every two years, and all UUP members are eligible to run for office and to vote.

Based on membership figures, the Brooklyn HSC Chapter is currently entitled to a maximum of 12 academic seats and 26 professional seats on its Governing Board. Similarly, the Chapter currently can send a maximum of 17 academic delegates and 22 professional delegates to the UUP Delegate Assembly (DA), which meets three times each year.

Elected Board members and Delegates who cannot continue to serve for any reason will be replaced by Alternates who ran for those positions but did not receive enough votes to win. Alternates will be designated in order of the number of votes they received in the election. In addition, if elected Delegates notify UUP that they cannot attend a DA, alternate delegates will be asked – – in order of the number of votes they received – – to attend as substitutes.

Elections are conducted by the statewide UUP Elections and Credentials Committee, which meets in Albany. Certified elections results are available for review in the UUP Chapter Office.

The term of office for each elected position is from June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2017.

Officer Positions

President and Delegate
Blackman-Stroud, Rowena J.

Vice President for Academics and Delegate
Benker, Karen E.

Vice President for Professionals and Delegate
White, Paula S.

McTigue, Ellen

Houston, Frederick

Grievance Chair
Gerecht, Simon Abe

Officer for Contingents
Lorde, Donovan N.

Academic Delegates to the DA

Candidate Rank
Vincent, Miriam T. 01
Anderson, Virginia M. 02
Siegel, Daniel M. 03
Siegel, Annette R. 04
McNally, Lois 05
Lowenstein, Eve 06
Heilman, Edward 07

Professional Delegates to the DA

Candidate Rank Candidate Rank
Blackman-Stroud, Rowena J. 01 Gordon, Janelle W. 22
McTigue, Ellen 02 Abrahams-Nichols, Rede 23
White, Paula S. 03 Hall-Bruitcher, Gloria 24
Lewis, Milton P 04 Yang, Lianfu 25
Lorde, Donovan N. 05 Lawrence, Deborah I. 26
Houston, Frederick 06 Spier, Sandra L. 27
Rosser, Barbara D. 07 Bembrey, Tameeka T. 28
Thomas, Yvonne A. 08 Nath, Dipa 29
Belgrave-Calder, Donna 09 Russell, Eric P. 30
Dunkley, Gideon A. 10 Joseph, Karla T. 31
Baker, Natalie 11 Herod, Llewellyng 32
Agbontaen, Derick U. 12 Howard, Janice M. 33
Flax, Henry S. 13 Silcott, Marjorie E. 34
Flax, Henry S. 14 Atchison, Sleather Lisa 35
Bond, Edison 15 Couse, Nicole N. 36
Hoyte, Cheryl P. 16 McDowal, Venisa E. 37
Norton, David 17 Williams, Hazel 38
Crandall, Josheila 18 Sivapalan, Kana 39
Patterson, Shirley M. 19 Alleyne, Nevin 40
Marshall, Eudelle P. 20 Hoglund, Mark 41
Ekanayake, Nandika N. 21

Academic Governing Board Members

Candidate Rank
Anderson, Virginia M. 01
Benker, Karen E. 02
Vincent, Miriam T. 03
Siegel, Annette R. 04

Professional Governing Board Members

Candidate Rank Candidate Rank
Blackman-Stroud, Rowena 01 Crandall, Josheila 19
McTigue, Ellen 02 Gordon, Janelle W. 20
White, Paula S. 03 Patterson, Shirley M. 21
Houston, Frederick 04 Abrahams-Nichols, Rede 22
Lorde, Donovan N. 05 Yang, Lianfu 23
Lewis, Milton P. 06 Hall-Bruitcher, Gloria 24
Thomas, Yvonne A. 07 Spier, Sandra L. 25
Rosser, Barbara D. 08 Joseph, Karla T. 26
Agbontaen, Derick U. 09 Silcott, Marjorie E. 27
Harper, Sandra J. 10 Howard, Janice M. 28
Dunkley, Gideon A. 11 McDowal, Venisa E. 29
Hoyte, Cheryl P. 12 Couse, Nicole N. 30
Belgrave-Calder, Donna 13 Williams, Hazel 31
Baker, Natalie 14 Alleyne, Nevin 32
Norton, David 15 Sivapalan, Kana 33
Flax, Henry S. 16 Lawrence, Deborah 34
Bond, Edison 17 Hayes, James 35
Ekanayake, Nandika N. 18