Political Action / Outreach

2020 Upcoming Advocacy Days

Your non.edu email

Why do we need your personal (non.edu) email?

UB does not allow UUP to send politically sensitive information to our members’ .edu email addresses.  In order to keep our members informed as to all of our activities and issues, including political action, we are asking for a personal (non.edu) email address from our members.  To give us your personal (non.edu) email address click here.


What is VOTE-COPE?

VOTE-COPE is the Voice of Teachers for Education – Committee on Political Education, the nonpartisan political action arm of New York State United Teachers and its affiliates. Funded entirely by voluntary contributions from members, VOTE-COPE is used to help union-backed candidates and campaign committees that support education and labor. VOTE-COPE helps strengthen political action programs at the national, state and local levels. On the local level, VOTE-COPE provides rebates to participating unions for local political action. VOTE-COPE funds, by law, are kept separate from those of NYSUT. Decisions on the use of VOTE-COPE contributions are made by a statewide committee. VOTE-COPE solicits and accepts only voluntary contributions. Contributions to VOTE-COPE are not tax deductible.