Standing & Ad Hoc Committee Descriptions

UUP Buffalo Center Standing & Ad Hoc Committee Descriptions

Sections in RED are taken from the Buffalo Center Chapter By-Laws

1.     Affirmative Action -Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

9.2.1 Affirmative Action Committee: The Affirmative Action Committee shall assist the Affirmative Action Officer in monitoring campus Affirmative Action programs and policies, and shall recommend actions designed to implement and enforce Affirmative Action goals.

Works with the Outreach – Political Action Officer

2.     Outreach – Political Action/Outreach/VOTE Cope

9.2.2 Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee shall assist the Outreach Chairperson in planning and coordinating activities that inform legislators of Chapter and UUP needs,  and educate the Chapter membership about legislation of interest to UUP. It shall coordinate activities with the statewide UUP Outreach Committee and coordinate the annual Vote/Cope campaign.

3.     Membership – Membership Officer

9.2.3 Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall assist the Membership Chairperson in recruiting new members; organizing membership drives; maintaining up-to-date lists of members; and disseminating literature to the membership.

Works closely with the Officers, Depart Reps., and Officer of Contingents.

4.     Contingent Concerns – Officer for Contingents

9.2.4 Contingent Concerns Committee: The Contingent Concerns Committee shall assist the Officer for Contingents to encourage and promote membership and activity of part-timers, and shall make recommendations with regard to organizational structures wherein contingents work.

5.     Safety and Health Committee

9.2.5 Safety and Health Committee: The Safety and Health Committee shall assist the Safety and Health Chairperson to identify and review safety related issues affecting employees and shall recommend plans for the correction of such matters.

6.          Women’s Rights and Concerns

9.2.6 Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee: The Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee shall report to the President, the Chapter Board, and the Delegate Assembly with respect to fair and equal treatment of women, their issues and concerns, and shall work to assure that fairness and equity for women, their issues and concerns are manifested on local campuses and are reflected in activities and policies of UUP and its affiliates.

Works with Affirmative Action and RESJ committees.

7.          Opportunity Programs

9.2.7 Opportunity Programs Committee: The Opportunity Programs Committee shall focus on identifying and investigating issues related to the EOP and EOC programs in SUNY.

AD HOC Committees:

Communications Committee
Racial Equality and Social Justice Committee
Works with the Outreach – Political Action Officer
SOUL Committee
Veterans Committee